Corridor of red tori gates leading into the distance at Fushimi Inari shrine near Nara Japan
Twin Dragons Mural painted on the ceiling of Kennin-ji Zen Buddhist Temple in Kyoto, Japan
Abstract section of a red Japanese parasole fan
Japanese men wearing loin cloths participate in the Hadaka Matsuri festival on Osaka
A black and white photograph of a quiet residential street at night in Tennoji Japan.
A western woman with blue eyes dressed up as a traditional Japanese geisha
A photo of a residential street in Tennoji Japan
Five young Japanese boys pose for a portrain in school uniform
Japanese Taiko drummer with head scarf yelling
A phptpgraph of a green walk sign in front of a wall
a photography of rows of hanko stamps in a display case with names
A Japanese man wearing a dust mask sells newspapers and magazines on the street Tennoji Japan
Japanese man wearing t-shirt saying I'm afraid of Americans
A black and white photograph of a rooftop in Japan covered with tv antennas
Japanese women perform a traditional dance during the Awa Odori festival
Two counter-culture Japanese girls give the victory sign
Japanese men celebrate while participating in the Hadaka Matsuri festival on Osaka
Osaka-Jo Castle reflected in the ripples of the surrounding mote
An abstract photograph of an orange rope holding back a blue cloth in a Japanese temple
Three Japanese children pose for a photo taken by another child with a grandmother gesturing
Three ladies in a Japanese fish market with fish drying on racks
Ariel photo of people crossing a zebra crossing in Japan
Colourful street sign for restaraunt in Osaka Japan
A japanese girl wears a traditional maks on the back of her head
A Japanese paper parisole rests on the floor in front of a window
A photo of text carved into a rock in Japan
A photo pf many wires coming off a single power pole in Osaka with a plane high in the ski behind
a black and white photography of electricity wires above a Japanese street
A black and white photo of a statue of a fat Japanese man or buddah
A chef prepares bowls inside a noodle bar in Tennoji Japan
Street scene from Dotonbori Osaka
A japanese flag flies in front of the dark sides of a skyscraper
A Japanese lady playing a traditional instrument during the Awa Odori festival
An old man stands in front of the door to a Beauty Salon in Osaka Japan
Octopus salad in Japanese bowl